We love Eluxe Magazine. We've been working together for many years now thanks to the beauty editor Sophia Hussain who discovered our brand when we first started in 2013. Since then, they've been talking about us and we are truly grateful for that. Their latest article featuring LISA NOTO is very close to our heart. It speaks about companies that are planting trees in order to keep the planet healthy. LISA NOTO is a partner of One Tree Planted for a year now. For every order on our website, we plant one tree in Canada.

Here's a highlight of Eluxe's article. Check them out, they are the reference in sustainable fashion, eco-style, eco-travel, vegan food & clean beauty.

TO read it in full, click on the link below.

The best thing we can do for this planet is plant trees. And that’s why we love these ethical companies that plant trees with every purchase

By Diane Small

Carbon offsetting is a term tossed around quite a bit by environmentalists. But…what exactly does it mean?

According to The Guardian, “Carbon offset schemes allow individuals and companies to invest in environmental projects around the world in order to balance out their own carbon footprints. The projects are usually based in developing countries and most commonly are designed to reduce future emissions.”

One way to balance out that carbon footprint is via tree planting. Although old-growth forests are far richer in biodiversity and provide richer ecological environments, planting new trees brings many benefits, including keeping the planet cooler, providing a barrier to soil erosion, improves overall air quality, provides a home for various flora and fauna, and of course, they look beautiful – they can even have a calming effect on human stress!

So, if you could choose between buying stuff you need from regular corporations or companies reforesting the planet, the choice should be obvious.

Here are some of the most ethical companies who plant trees with every purchase you make. [ ]


Want to look good, and do good? After a 20-year career as a model, Lisa Noto created a skincare and makeup brand that’s 100% vegan friendly and absolutely ‘clean’. With every order, her company plants a tree in Canada, which follows her ambition of creating a brand that’s also a vehicle for change, respecting nature and all those who live on our planet.

Whether it’s an organic perfume, natural mineral foundation, or natural skincare product, whatever you buy from the Lisa Noto brand will not only make you look and feel more beautiful, but will help clean the air, and provide a home for thousands of organisms!

Read the full article:

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